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Weights on game days

I posted this on the Renegade forum, but never got a response, so I’ll give it a go here. Weights on game days? What’s the best training parameters to use? I’m aware of the tentantic facilitation concept (even if I can’t spell it)and I’ve used it with pretty good results for my oen training. My situation is simple. I have HS soccer girls, and they play club ball during the fall. Their games are scheduled at all sorts of times, but our training sessions are in the mornings, so I can’t really strictly adhere to the suggested time frame (4-6 hrs) Anyone have any input on this?

Go ahead and lift on game day. MLB teams play 162 games in 180 days. Based on their training split, they almost always lift on game day. 4 hours should be plenty of time for recovery.

The workouts themselves may need to be modified slightly to accomadte for the fact that they are in-season, and may not be recovering as quickly as during the off season.