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Weights Inside Apartment


So my station just had a guy transfer in. He just signed a year lease in an apartment until he finds a home to buy. Although he lives on the 2nd floor, he was contemplating moving in some weights in one of the rooms so what he has doesnt go to waste. So my question is, would any of yall trust having about 300lbs(136kg) of weight plus a light bench on a 2nd story? Keep in mind that it wouldnt be on a balcony.


I feel like it might be illegal to develop a building that couldn't handle the weight of one individual (maybe it's just me, but 300LBS is not necessarily that rare of an occurrence - not necessarily talking about in shape though)..


Yea dude, I've had weights in the extra room at my apt before my little brother moved in.

Its no big deal. Your fridge weighs more than that.

You sitting on your couch is. More than that.

As long as he isn't deadlifting he should be fine. I used to deadlift in my living room on the third floor...shook shit of shelves on the second. Lol


As long as he's not dropping the weights after cleans, snatch, or deadlifting, then there shouldn't be a problem.


Good to know guys. So most of yall wouldnt deadlift? Rockula, did you put padding under the weights or did you feel the carpet was good enough(assuming that your apartment had carpet)?


I'd DL, just be sure to lower the weights. Not drop them.


Nope, it still makes a boom. Shit, walking in an upstairs apt makes booms. Lowering weight to the floor slow stills sounds like a bomb.


The person I know that had a full swt up and lifted heavy picked a bottom floor apartment above a concrete reinforced parking structure. This was after the house he lived in started literally pulling apart at the seams. So... I don't know I souldnt do it honestly... and what about the people below? Kinda not cool.


We had carpet that didn't really cushion anything. Padding won't help either.

Its a bad idea. The neighbors are going to hate him and noise complaints will be the result.


I was thinking more in terms of not destroying the floor/ceiling that separated the 1st and 2nd stories, and the comical outcome of 300lbs of steel crashing down into somebody's living room/ bathroom/bedroom area.


What would have been ideal for the guy is getting an apartment that a single car garage comes with the lease. They do exist, too bad he already signed the lease.


i would be careful. definitely no deadlifting, everything should be ok. if worse comes to worse getting a storage unit shouldnt be too expensive for a year.


Good advice. Ill let him know. Btw, the 2nd floor room was all they had so he just settled with it.


Deadlifting should be fine if he puts down a sheet of plywood first; he will still probably make noise for the tenants below him but, unless he drops the weights, the plywood will distribute the weight so as not to damage the carpet or floor.


I have about 1500 lbs in my apartment as well as a Powertec multi-station, but I made sure to get the basement apartment before I moved in. My major concern was the noise it would create.