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Weights for Sprint Program?


I've discovered the joys of sprinting a few months ago, and I'm feeling leaner, more explosive and more athletic. However, I'm massively unsure about how to get the balance between weights (muscle growth/maintenance) and sprints. Currently I keep the two on separate days, and I'd like to keep it this way, but my weights days are still done on a BB-style split (push, pull etc).

Due to the demands on my legs from the sprints, I've massively cut back on lower-body work (squats, DLs etc), but I've read that these kind of low-body exercises are actually vital for sprinting and must be kept in. But I don't see how I can avoid overtraining or knackering my hammies/quads if I'm training legs in addition to sprinting?

Articles I read show full-body, olympic lift style weights workouts for sprint athletes, but I'm really unsure how to fit these in without overtraining or exhausting the legs.



What about trying to combine the two? Read this:



Different muscle types. Don’t worry about it. Also, get your diet in check.

Overtraining? Seriously? You work out three times a day, full out, 7 days a week with lousy diet? If not, just do it.


Maybe you are doing too much sprinting volume? What does your week look like?
Less is always more when it comes to sprinting. Keep your speed work at maximum speed with full recoveries and low volume. This is crucial to shift your muscle fibre typing towards fast twitch in the long term.

Too much volume will shift your fibres towards a slow twitch expression and ruin your speed.
If you are keeping your speed sessions low volume then you should have no problem doing squats, deadlifts and hyperextensions after your session.


Both heavy weights and sprinting utilize fast twitch muscle fibres. Keep your sprinting workout as far away from your heavy squats and deads as you can.

Also never grind the weights. If you dont move the weight with any momentum. You’ve gone too heavy.

With your sprinting work I would not suggest going 100% on all sprints. You need to view a max effort sprint the same as a max attempt squat or deadlift. You wouldnt do 5 attempts at your max squat in one workout.


Just try things and see how you feel-trust me, if you’re overtraining, you’ll be able to see/feel it. You’ll be exhausted, your weights will drop, your motivation will drop, etc.

Don’t fall victim to paralysis by analysis-push your body and see what it can do.


[quote]Think tank fish wrote: Also never grind the weights. If you dont move the weight with any momentum. You’ve gone too heavy.[/quote]This might explain why my sprinting has gotten slower. I have noticed that when I am doing hill sprints at the park, people who are jogging the same route for 20 minutes are jogging uphill faster than my all-out hill sprints.