Weights for Obese Female

Was wondering what weight training program can be done by a healthy but overweight female? Should I even be using weights as a means as fat loss? I think that if eating is in check a specialized weight traing program can be better than anything.

circuit training with basics moves and moderate reps and rest times could work well… i train lot of fat girls with just the basics and a good diet, you can make the job done…

be progressive and teach she the correct form of all exercises first… focus on the big moves like squats, dead lift, rows… theres no necessary to design a special program (just check some muscle imbalances and correct them)…and yes the weight training will work for fat loss if the stimulus is adequate

The point of lifting weights in this context is to preserve lean body mass while on a calorie deficit. If you don’t let your body know (through exercise) that the muscle tissue is important, it will tend to cannibalize it in order to reduce energy expenditure. So yes, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should lift weights.

yes and what most girls dont understand is that “tone” = muscle

Thanks, this is what I have been doing. Alternating upper and lower movements. SLD followed by military press, static lung and row, etc. I know that you have to be a marathoner to out run your mouth. When I say that I mean I can eat like a pig and I would have to run all day to combat that. Eating is most important in fat loss and trying to burn those calories on a treadmill is going to be painful. Someone here (Cressey) was talking how everyone thinks they should run.

[quote]Navin Johnson wrote:
Was wondering what weight training program can be done by a healthy but overweight female?[/quote]
Depends on exactly how “overweight”. Truly obese folks would do better paying 110% attention to nutrition and 90% attention to exercise (even with that, I’d go mostly for forms of cardio, at least initially.)

For the “average” overweight gal, I’d give nutrition and exercise equal attention and focus more on building lean muscle to really swing body comp in a positive direction.

Sure, it’s a valid and effective method with the right clients. Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Ballantyne seem to prefer resistance training complexes for fat loss.

True enough, under the right circumstances. Like I said above, if someone is tremendously overweight with a high bodyfat, you can get more bang for your buck by cleaning up the nutrition while using exercise to compliment it.