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Weights for Fat Loss

I lift heavy about three times a week and do absolutely no cardio but I think its time I put at least some cardio in the mix to get shot of some of the fat that stubbornly refuses to shift. Trouble is I hate running and treadmill work so I was thinking of doing complexes or just movements like front squats/overhead presses over a timed period with a light enough weight to get my heart rate up.

Is it possible to treat both my weightlifting sessions and my cardio sessions utilising essentially the same movements? I mean will for instance a ten minute continuous front squat/ military press done with a light weight as a cardio workout have a negative effect on how a day or so later I manage to do front squats with a heavy weight for hypertrophy?

Honestly you can never know until you try, but its generally not a good idea to avoid energy system work when cutting down. Complexes and GPP can make a difference but things will be much easier if you train something like runnign speed usign intervals. Daily walks can make a huge difference too.
I assume something like LActic acid training (GBC) can remove the need for excessive cardio (sufficient volume, circuit style, low/no rest intervals).

TRy tabatas on the cardio rower. Done frequently, it has low enough volume not to significantly take away from your lifting and at the same time can act as some sort of power training for your muscles (I believe the motion is similr to the power clean) and the tabata circuit can rev up your metabolism quite a bit when done a few times each week.

Sure, using weights for conditioning work can help you lose fat but so will cleaning up your diet, heavy weight training and a few short sessions of cardio per week.

I know for me, everytime I try to buck the tried-and-true system, I come back to it and think to myself “if it has worked for bodybuilding/bodybuilders for decades, who am I to re-invent the wheel?”

yeah go for the complexes they wont tire out one specific area. If you fatigue one area too much then it might detrimentally affect your heavy sessions.

The complexes (esp. single dumbbell ones where you switch arms each lift) are great at putting the stress over your entire body so you can recover better. Also the single DB style of complex is a good mix up if you are constantly training with a bar. the mix up forces adaptation and the DB feels heavier than it is.

I like “countdown” sets that go 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 --> 1 with breaths inbetween each set equal to double the rep scheme.