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weights for conditioning

what is your opinion on using weights for conditioning and to improve work capacity?, after reading a program writen by coach Javoreck were he uses a complex up to 5 times a week plus other exercises, lots of volumen, I been “playing” with the idea of doing 4-6 week cycle of just conditioning using this complex, around 15-30 minutes each day.
What are your thougths on doing this?what will be the most eficient way to cycle the intensity and volumen?and will this give me functional mass?

I remember you post a block structure for conditioning, I think the shock week was the second , can you post it again please?

Thanks one more time for all your help.

I do use the Javorek complex from time to time as a warm-up and a teaching tool, never a conditioning work. Some peoples like to use weights for conditioning, I don’t.

I will only use sled pulling, shoulder gliding and energy system work.

Thanks for your reply CT.
How would you structure a block using this exercises(sled pulling, shoulder gliding and energy system work.)if the main goal is to improve conditioning and work capacity?
one exercise per day up to 20 minutes, something like this:
M - sled pulling
T - shoulder gliding
W - running man or HIIT
Th- Sled Pulling
F- shoulder gliding

will 20 minutes be enough volumen or should I add another energy system work.
would it be ok to substitute wheelbarrow for the sled?

Once again thanks…

Here is the Power Circuit program:

Exercise Repetitions Load Rest After Exercise

Romanian deadlift 6 80-85% 60 seconds
Bench press 6 80-85% 60 seconds
Power snatch 4 75-80% 60 seconds
Push jerk 4 75-80% 60 seconds
Jump Squat 10 10-15% max squat 60 seconds
Plyo push ups 10 Bodyweight 60 seconds

Week 1: Repeat the circuit 4 times
Week 2: Repeat the circuit 8 times
Week 3: Repeat the circuit 5 times
Week 4: Repeat the circuit 3 times with 5-10% more weight

That’s my power circuit. Great for overall strength and conditioning. But not a conditioning workout per se though.