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Weights/Benches: Look Like a Good Deal?

what you think?

that pic plus 4 benchs?


I replied to your original thread earlier. But you edited it or something and I ended up being the original poster. WTF is that?

As for the weights, they suck. I don’t even see just one olympic plate in there. Half of them look plastic too. The only thing that can save that deal is if the benches are really solid.

I don’t know man, kind of looks like a bunch of junk to me?? Don’t you go to a gym? I’d save your money, thats just me.

i do go to the gym. but its only £150, thought it would be a decent investment for when i build my home gym after uni?

there must be at least 300kg of weights there, 6 bars.


Is this some kind of scottish or irish craigslist?



aye. theres two of them, one of them i think it in america aswell


everything is free, you just have to go pick it up this is also availble in america/canada. anyone use it?

then there is:


biggist classifeds online, i assume quite like craigs list?

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If you want to add 20 weights to bench, go for it. If it were up to me… I’d bring my business elsewhere.

im thinking its crap… i was likeing it because i could deadlift and do olympic stuff outside during the summer and just to generally have some equipment about the house.

but i emailed the guy and he sayd the biggest weights are 15kg and he only has 2 of them. the rest are 10’s 5’s and 2.5’s.

so im gonna have to out like 5 plates either side to do olympic stuff and about 10 plates to deadlift. dont think that would even fit.

defo passing up on it.

im on the lookout for a sled (or anykind, snow sled even), tyres, kegs and weights in the glasgow area if anyone know anyone or places to look.