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Weights and TMJ Pain


Hi I'm 21 years old and I'm dealing with a debilitating case of TMJ. My jaw is in pain all day long, accompanied by popping of the jaw and ears. I grind my teeth at night and I've gone through two dental grade mouth guards. They stop my teeth wear but not my clenching. It started almost immediately after I gave up a Westside style training method that I had done for about a year. The pain in my neck and middle back are excruciating, I can never get comfortable and I really feel the tension in my jaw while lifting.

Even though I have studied numerous relaxation, breathing and body alignment protocols that I apply during my time in and out of the gym. Has anyone else developed TMJ because of lifting, perhaps because of a muscular imbalance or have any lifting advice because I'm being told by numerous sources to stop lifting because it's creating unnecessary tension in my body and jaw.

Yes, after a great day in the gym and I'm feeling sore, I can feel it localizing in the jaw. Any suggestions ,advice, or experience I would appreciate. I'm just tired of being 21 and dealing with chronic pain


You need a soft sports mouth guard to wear while lifting if it is really that much of an issue (and possibly a regular soft guard to wear on and off throughout the day). See a dentist.