Weightloss Program for My Dad

My father has agreed to come to the gym with me, where i would guide him through a weight training program with a bit of cardio. Any suggestions for a program to follow?

His stats…

57 years old
275 lbs
A bad left foot

Thanks in advance…

Oh, and he has promised to follow some rules for his eating (eat breakfast, limit food before bed etc…) i want to make the nutrition part quite basic. I feel like if i can eliminate his unnecessary snacks we can make good progress.

Have you read up on the articles on T-Nation?
I feel like your questions are pretty straight forward.

I’ll leave the training one alone for now and talk about nutrition. Some guidelines…
90% of the time or more, do the following:
*5-6 small meals over the course of the day
*meals no more than 3 or so hours apart
*each meal contains at least 20 g of protein
*at least 25 g of fiber in a day
*no drinks with calories (unless they are high in protein)

and more general guidelines (don’t worry about the 90% rule here):
-try to avoid high-fat and high-carb in the same meal
-as a general rule, eat more carbs earlier in the day, more fat later in the day. Last meal of the day (or last few meals) should include no carbs (except maybe some veggies, if need-be), but be high in fat and high in protein.

that ought to help for starters…

Training will largely depend on what he’s willing to do.

Please, don’t have him run or jog. Incline walking following training sessions would be a good start. Have him go for a walk outside everyday.

As far as weights, get him using correct form first. Goblet squats (no weight) help teach squat form really quickly. Other than that, keep it basic. After getting his form settled in there’s no reason he can’t do something like starting strength. Unless his foot prevents him from squatting/pulling.

Have him take fish oil. Otherwise diet should just be about redeveloping good habits. Eating frequently, higher protein, carbs in the right places, clean food, etc. You can fine tune it later. If he eats like crap now, just cleaning up his diet will do wonders.

Once he is familiar with the weightlifting side of things I would highly suggest, destroying fat war room strategies (found on here) or metabolic pairing’s. I used both written by Christian Thibaudeau with great success.