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Weightloss/Muscle Gain...Plateau?

Would really like your input and if you would like, share your experience.

I began the Pulse Feast (mon-fri) and the Time Restricted Eating Plus (sat-sun). The mash up of these two are really working well for me. I like how I feel during the week and then being able to eat for 9hrs on the weekend while I am chasing my twins around at home all day.

However, I seem to run into this a lot with my weightloss. I go a long period where the scale just does not move. I am losing elsewhere, but the scale doesn’t move. And before you say to throw the scale out let me stop you because that’s not my point.

Is it possible to put on muscle as quickly as you burn fat? I know as far as volume the two are very different, but is this possible? I would have thought that doing the Pulse Feast I would see the scale drop from fat loss even though I am keeping lean muscle.

For nutrition I follow the Pulse Feast routine and I eat roughly 1800-2200 calories per day on the weekend. I am 5’10", 264lbs, 33 years old. I am currently with a trainer on Monday/Friday’s where we doing everything from weights to strength training/body weight. Then tues/thurs I follow the T-Nation 40 rep workout plan, and Weds I do a quick 15-20min kettle bell/push-ups routine like T-Nation has provided.

Am I working out too much and not eating enough? Should I take days off to rest more? Or just continue to push through?

The scale is not moving, but it is not the point? Sorry, flawed logic.

You are following 2 diets and three different workouts and eating around 2000 calories a day?

Just making sure I’m reading this right…

How many pulses a day?

I didn’t want it to seem that I depend on the scale to determine success. I see the changes in mirror/clothes, but with the Pulse Feast I would have expected some movement in the scale by week 2.

The main point was because of no movement in scale, can I experience muscle gain/fat loss at such a rate that the scale wouldn’t move.

During the week I follow Pulse Feast. I’m not getting in 2000 calories during the week. Maybe 1500, 1800 at most.

I am pulsing three times a day: Mag-10 at 7am and 11am, Plazma with workout about 3pm or 4 pm. Feasting 7pm on. All healthy, raw food.

For instance, tonight my dinner will be something like:
7pm: Protein bar

8pm: Roasted chicken (no skin) 6oz
Sweet potato
Salad with spinach/Roman lettuce, some shredded cheese
Whole Avocado

10pm: 30g protein/1 cup Cottage cheese before bed

Side note: I have twins so 7pm is right around bed time so I usually have a protein bar (quest, mission 1) to hold me over till dinner around 7:30/8 when they go down).

The rest is correct. I lift/strength train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Do HIIT on Wednesdays.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

If youre taking that much Mag 10 and Plazma you can and should be working out extremely hard.

-Drop the trainer and do one of these to get the fat flying off…

My trainer pushes me like nothing else. As I get stronger and faster he gets more ruthless. I am crawling out of the gym after seeing him. If he wasn’t as good as he is, I would move on.

If I’m not doing heavy lifting I don’t take Plazma. On Wednesday, for instance, I followed the 15min kettle bell/push-up routine from T-Nation and only did a third Mag-10. I only use the Plazma on my lifting days.

I started out 375lbs four years ago. I was 252lbs the first week of April 2016, but I was focusing on a lot of cardio while weight training so I think My body was eating away muscle. Started creatine and really working on building muscle, both with my trainer and on my own. As of this morning I’m 261lbs.

This is all new to me. Can’t remember ever being this full of energy, healthy, and strong. I’m training for the Spartan race in September, It’s all addicting. But I want to get down to 220 and just can’t seem to budge.

I figured that with how hard I am working out, taking the Mag-10, and because of my caloric deficit, that I got to be losing fat. I don’t want to sound like a whining bitch, just frustrated and trying to figure it out. There’s got to be something I can do to flip that fat burning switch. I was thinking maybe the velocity diet once I’m done with the Pulse Feast, but Inreally don’t know.

V diet is very good. The new one looks easier then the original.

If everything is on par, as you say they are, start looking at gut health (Bill has an article on the Biotest forum).

Look at your week end food. It’s not just what you eat, but when. My weight was stuck also until I started having only protein shake( misc casein, not whey) in the morning then a walk to work (just under 4km). I keep carbs around my workout and minimal on my off days (nothing wrong with rice or potatoes with a meal) but only one meal.

I don’t know what protein bar you are having, but once I cut all sugars, weight dropped easier.

Just a few ideas. Listen to what your body tells you. Just don’t loose the full of energy feeling.

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First and foremost, if you are feeling energetic, healthy and strong then you doing something right! Second, if you are training for the Spartan then do training that prepares you for it. If that means more cardio/conditioning than strength work then so be it.

I would consider tracking your calories more closely. Your intake is likely greater than you think. While you could be adding muscle, at your bodyweight the scale should always be moving downward. Also, given you have been dieting for a while, you may have to mix things up a bit. I think cycling diets makes as much sense as cycling training - nothing works forever. This includes taking time away from calorie deficits. Good work regardless.


I always really enjoy your posts, James

Thanks James. Are you referring to “resetting your wall”? I’ve heard it called different things before. But basically your body gets used to working on such low calorie intake that it becomes efficient and used to it. So you eat at maintenance level calorie for a week or two and then jump into a lower calorie diet again?

I have been eating 1800-2000 calories now for about a year. I started serious training August 2015. Would the v diet being a good diet to jump into after resetting my wall?

Having done the Pulse Feast now for two weeks (this being my third week) I just checked the scale and am still 264, but seeing obvious changes in my body. The scale has gone down to 258. I trained today as well so I’m probably retaining water as well.

My issue is at 1800-2000 kcals a day even a sedentary person of your size should be losing weight. That’s why I suspected your intake is higher, especially given you also feel very energetic. Doing a shed load of training on 1800 kcals and feeling energised is nigh on impossible, in my opinion, for any substantial period of time. That said, it is still worth cycling the diet by, as you say, taking a week or so at maintenance or higher (without succumbing to binge eating), then going again. I don’t think it matters what diet you chose, as long as it is one you can comply with, i.e. you can stick to it without alienating the family. It is also making sure cortisol levels are in check, e.g. keeping stimulant intake down.

You brought up some good points, so let me be honest. My new lifestyle has provided me a lot of energy, but recently not so much.

I have as of late been very tired and with the training and Pulse Feast the only thing getting me through the day is one or two Spikes. By 7pm I am ravenous. I admit that I have a hard time balancing my workouts. I usually drink half a Spike to get me through it. I have never felt better or get so strong, so I want to work out, but I find that I think I push myself too hard? For instance, I never sleep in. I used to wake up 7am or earlier on the dot. Now, it’s sometimes 8 or 8:30 and I am struggling to wake up.

Based on our conversation it sounds like I am under eating, over training, and on too many stimulants.

I was thinking about seeing this Pulse Feast through for a month, but now I’m thinking that maybe I should go back to maintenance level eating for a week or two, get my cortisol levels in check, and focus more on HIIT during the week and weights with my trainer.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in all the pre-workout stimulants and for most people that appears to be more for those who are in shape, but in my situation I think I need to calm it down, get back to basics, lose the weight and then aggressively work on the muscle gain once I’m at my desired weight.

I don’t do excessive cardio anymore. I was getting stressed and depressed with morning and evening cardio so I stopped and focused solely on weights.

I think I will do weights with my trainer on Monday/Friday and do HIIT such as kettle bell swings, push-ups, sprints, etc… Tuesday-Thursday.

I’ll eat close to maintenance for a week or two, get the stimulants in check (do you recommend a limit? No more than one Spike per day?) so my cortisol levels aren’t out of whack, make sure my exercise is not too intense for my caloric intake, and focus on fat loss rather than muscle gain right now.

If I eat at maintenance for the next couple weeks I can jump right into the v diet then.

I just need to make sure that my calorie intake is on par with my workouts. Is 2200 calories per day good enough to cover a heavy workout on monday/Friday focusing on carb intake and then tues-thurs focus on 1800/2000 calories focusing on low carb/higher fats for HIIT days?

I can’t thank you enough for your input James.

Don’t beat yourself up mate. Having twins must be a cortisol booster on its own! Regarding caffeine intake, you will need to play that by ear. If you feel you need it on a daily basis due to lethargy then that’s a bad sign. I wonder, given you pulse then workout around 3pm, whether this is more to do with low energy levels through lack of food? Eating a small protein/fat meal, e.g. 300-500 kcals around noon, may assist here. Regarding daily kcals, you should be able to handle around 2200-2400.

I personally think you should have given us the full picture in the first place.

Feeling great and taking two Spikes a day is contradictory in terms.

James has good advice and there is a reason why I asked you if you were doing three different workouts. Simplify.