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weightloss for wrestiling

I am a highschool wrestler (junior) trying to cut down to the 189lbs weight-class, from sophmore year till now I’ve cut from 250 to 230 to 207 now i’m at 195 and i can’t seem to go down any more. I ment from from 207 to 199 in one night then to 197 the next night ten finally to 195 ,but in the past 4 weeks i have not gained or lost one pound.I have fully changed my diet ,cutting carbs and portions ,I don’t eat 3 hours before i sleep. Can some one give me a diet that will help me cut down to bellow 189 in under three weeks. Thank you.

trying to cut is stupid. You should just eat and eat and train real hard to get big. Then when you’re big and strong and with good wrestling skill you should be way better. My friend lived with his wrestling coach and was always trying to stay small, and it stunted his growth. He’s pretty short now. Please dont try to get smaller, focus on getting bigger.

Ya tried Fat Fast? Search the previous issues, it’s a Brock Strasser experiment. Pretty extreme stuff.