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Weightliftr's Training Log

I decided to start a log so that I can keep track of progress I’m making, and get some feedback on what I’m doing

I’ve been lifting weights very inconsistently for 15 years. About 5 months ago, I started working out consistently again. I’m currently in week three of CW’s Quattro Dynamo. I’m eating about 3500 calories a day, and my strength has shot up quite a bit in the past few weeks. (I’m sure its due to eating more food…I wasn’t eating enough previously) in three weeks, I went from:

weight: 214 (6’1")
Squat: 3225 (yeah, I know)
Bench: 3


weight: 216 (still 6’1")
Squat: 3265
Bench: 3

Food during the week is:

cereal & banana with 55g protein (in powder), creatine
peanuts (3 oz)
additional 80g protein
sandwich 900 calories (subway or equiv)
cereal with protein powder (27g protein)

  • generally healthy dinner of some sort

Last week, I did:
Squat 3 reps * 5 sets 265 lbs
lying leg curls 170 lbs
bench press 275 lbs
seated row 210 lbs (this is a free-weight machine type of thing)
barbell curl 110 lbs
reverse grip tricep pressdown 80 lbs

Tonight, I’m doing this same workout, and I’m going to try to add 10 lbs to everything. (I know this is a lot of weight to add, but I’ve increased my strength a lot in the past 3 weeks and I want to see if it will continue…I think my body is playing catch-up because I’m eating more.)

Friday’s workout:

Bench Press: 2753
Squat: 285
3, parellel (I finally squat more than I bench!)
Leg Curl: 180 * 3
row machine: 215 * 3
BB curl: 115*3
French press: 105 *3

Monday’s workout:

all, 3 sets
Good Morning: 175*8
hanging leg lift: 8

french press: 1158
reverse bb curls: 95

incline press: 1358 (did 2258 last week, shoulders are hurting)
front bb raise: 155*8 (did 165 last week because normally this are done last in this workout)

shoulders are hurting. Going to back off on anything that hurts for a while…including bench press. I posted about this in another thread and people suggested that this might be due to a back/chest imbalance (since my legs are so out-of-balance with my upper body). I don’t think this is the case. I work out my back equally with my chest, and have done so for years. Max bench: 2753, bent-over bb row: 2455 (could do more)

I’m taking a look at Eric Cressey’s Shoulder Savers articles, and will incorporate what I learn into my workouts. I think one or both of the following caused this: improper bench press form (possibly?), behind-the-neck press (more likely).

I started day 1 of the Art of Waterbury last night. Tough, but good workout.

155, 310 - push press
65, 3
10 - chin up

155, 310 - good morning
100, 3
10 - single leg standing calf raise machine

225 35 - decline bench press
137 3
5 - side bends
(only did 5 sets to take it easy on shoulders. I tried the elbows at a 45 degree angle that Eric Cressey recommends. Not sure that he meant that for the decline press, but it was much better for my shoulders nonetheless. A little awkward though.)

Friday’s workout:

Day 3 of AoW

185 lbs 312: Squats
185 lbs 3
12: BB rows

185 lbs 312: Bench press
180 lbs 3
12: seated calf raise machine

35 lbs 312: Tricep extensions
15 lbs 3
12: External Rotations

new weight: 218.2 (going up pretty fast, need to cut back on food?)

Monday’s workout:

Day 5 of AoW

405 lbs * 1 Deadlifts (several single sets leading up to 405 lbs, new pr)
45 lbs * 2 sets * 6 reps, then 50 * 2 * 6 A2 Standing Hammer Curls

165 lbs * 6 * 4 B1 Power Cleans
100 lbs * 6 * 4 one arm tricep pressdown

185 * 6 * 4 Incline Bench Press, shoulder still weird
100 * 6 * 4 standing, one leg calf raise

weight: 217.6

Last training session was Monday. didn’t work out most of the week

Friday’s workout:

180 lbs * 3 reps * 7 sets push press
70 lbs * 3 reps * 7 sets pull ups

(ran out of time)

Saturday’s workout

(The rest of the AoW day 1 session)

185 * 3 * 7 Good Mornings (worked up to that weight)
215 * 3 * 7 seated calf raises

225 * 3 * 5-7 sets decline bench (don’t remember how many sets, shoulders giving me trouble)
147.5 * 3 * 5-7 side bends

This workout takes me about 1.5 hours or so to complete. I don’t really have the time for it, so I’m thinking about cutting it back.

Also, my shoulders are not getting any better, and I’m worried that I’m going to make them worse if I keep working out with heavier weights.
I’ve decided to stop any heavy exercises that stress the shoulder. I’ll re-read Eric Creassey’s Shoulder Saver articles and create some sort of rehab shoulder routine.

Besides, this will give my legs a chance to catch up to where they need to be, in comparison with my upper body.

I’m a little unsure of which exercises to avoid and which I can still keep doing. I’ll probably do:
no overhead pressing
very light or no bench press (45-65 lbs)

not sure about:
bent-over barbell row. I may go light, but not super-light on this
deadlifts? It seems that they don’t stress the part of the shoulder that is having trouble, so I think I can keep going heavy.

Also, I’m guessing that I’ll need to be on this ‘modified’ routine for 6 weeks?

Thoughts anyone?

Monday’s workout:

185 * 12 reps * 3 sets Squat
47.5 * 12 * 3 DB Bench Press
185 * 12 * 3 bent-over BB Row
180 * 12 * 3 seated calf raises (not sure of the weight)

didn’t do: French press, external rotations

Trainer guy at the gym showed me how to squat. He said I should put the bar
much lower than I was doing. I did, and I didn’t have trouble with leaning
over too much. I was also able to fully grasp the bar with my whole hands,
not just my fingertips.

Shoulders still ‘loose.’ db bench press didn’t seem to hurt shoulders much
at all…it was a fairly light weight. I made sure to keep arms in a position
that didn’t stress the shoulders. Still, though, not sure if i should be
doing this exercise.

Also, I was really tired during this exercise…took a long time to catch my
breath on squat and rows.

weight: 218.8

Wednesday’s workout:

1 rep each at 135, 225, 315, 365, 405 & 415 (failed) Deadlift
50 lbs 6 reps 5 sets, hammer curls

100 lbs 6 * 4 standing calf raise (one leg)
120 lbs 6*4 pec dec

135 lbs 6 & 1 hand clean
100 lbs 6 * 3 tricep pressdown, one hand

didn’t do too much on hand clean because it seemed to stress the shoulder more than I wanted it to.

Friday’s workout


stiff-legged deadlift

Hack Squat

ran out of time. must have taken more than the prescribed 2 minute breaks between sets. was pretty sore the next couple days

Tuesday’s workout:

Arm Day!

It was actually quite nice to do an arms-only day. I’m focusing on my legs for the next couple months and letting my shoulders heal up, so I won’t be hitting my upper body as heavy. I felt a little silly working out with the ‘squat-rack-curl’ guys, but it did bring back memories.

656 * 3 sets preacher curls
6 * 2 sets preacher curls
75 * 15, 100 * 12, 130 * 10, 150 * 10, 200 * 8 * 2 sets tricep pressdown

40 lbs * 6 * 2 sets reverse db curls
40 lbs * 6 * 2 sets concentration curls

40 lbs * 8 * 2 sets overhead tricep extensions
50 lbs * 6 * 2 sets overhead tricep extensions

195 lbs * 6 - barbell grip work
185 lbs * 6 * 4 - barbell grip work

17.5 lbs 12 reps, 3 sets, external rotations

I noticed you do leg curls on some days; replace these with Romanian Deadlifts (Stiff leg deadlifts), not only will they hit the hamstrings, but the lower back aswell, and god knows what else! great exercise.
Hows the progress coming?

yeah, that’s an interesting point that brings up another one…I’ve been relying strictly on Chad Waterbury’s programs since I started lifting again in May, afraid of changing anything, particularly since I’m making good progress with them. I just started on a leg program. This one calls for stiff leg deadlifts. Wow…those kicked my butt. Felt great!

But, I’m not sure I know enough about this stuff yet to tinker with actual programs. All I’m comfortable with is picking programs that I like, that do what i want them to do. I’m currently doing CT’s “Pillars of Strength” leg specialization routine, which includes Romainian deadlifts.

Overall, I’m now stronger than I’ve ever been, so that’s good. I think I still have a lot of progress still left in me though. I’m not happy with my belly, which hovers around 40" (my chest, with lats flexed is 48.5"…not sure how you’re supposed to measure it, though)

I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks, so no workouts.

Monday’s workout (took it kinda easy)

chest supported row machine: 135 * 6-8 reps * 3 or so sets
bench press: worked up to 155 * 6 reps. Using an elbows angled in at 45 degree angle for this. Its like relearning how to bench. My shoulders seem to be used a lot more doing it this way. Perhaps I’m not doing it right?

shoulder shrugs: worked up to 355*10

butterfly machine: dont remember the weight (around 130?), 1 set, 6-8 reps

weight: 218.2

Tuesday’s workout:

Arm day!

Took it easy again, to a certain extent. My strength is coming back after the cold.

incline db bicep curls… 37.5*6-8 reps * 4 sets
overhead tricep extensions… worked up to 47.5 lbs * 5 reps

preacher curls: 85 lbs * 5 reps * 3 sets
tricep extension machine: 130 lbs * 6-8 reps * 3 sets

bb grip work: worked up to 190 * 6 reps

Thursday’s workout:

I’m still not 100%


Shoulder shrugs:
worked up to 435 lbs * 5 (very sloppy though…did it as a combination static hold/shrugs)

weight: 218.0

Friday’s workout:

worked up to 175 lbs bench press * 6-8 doing this with elbows in at 45 degree angle

270? lbs lat pulldown - free weight machine

180 lbs chest supported row, free weight machine

195 lbs bb grip work

legs were VERY sore from squats–lasted through the weekend.

weight: 220.4

Monday’s workout

60 lbs leg extensions 4 sets of 55555
80 lbs leg curls 4 sets of 55555
385 lbs shoulder shrugs (worked up to this) 8-12 reps
55 lbs bulgarian squats 1 set of 55555

weight: 219.0 lbs

Tuesday’s workout

Arm day!

incline db curl
45 lbs * 3 sets * 5 reps

1-arm tricep pressdown
110 lbs * 3 sets * 6-8reps

Hammer curls
52.5 lbs * 3 sets * 4-8 reps

overhead db tricep extension
52.5 lbs * 3 sets * 4-8 reps

reverse bb curls
70 lbs * 3 sets * 8 reps

bb grip work

this is kind of a playing-around day. My main focus for the next couple months is my legs. Not sure if I’m overtraining my arms, though. I seem to be getting weaker on my incline db curls.

weight: 218.2

Wednesday’s workout:

Leg extension
Leg curl
Bulgarian Squat