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Weightlifting with Some Reactive Pump?

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I’ve been thinking about my next training cycle. This one finishes in 4 weeks with the English weightlifting championships where I may manage a 225kg total as a 77 (current lifts 105kg snatch, 120kg c+j, 170kg strict back squat). Basically, I’m not strong enough, a bit chubby and can add muscle whilst staying in the catagory, plus its nearly beach season and I’ve got 8 months until the next comp I’d do seriously so I want to keep weightlifting moving forward but one area of weakness is my overhead strength and small shoulders!

No one likes a poor jerk (hehe) and I’d like to properly fill my vest so a thought occured - why not apply reactive pump techniques and Plazma but use a slight twist on exercises. I can only train 3 days a week due to otehr commitments at present but this means I can work seriously hard whilst I’m at the gym.

Plan would be:

Day 1 (“shoulders”)

A1 Handstand push up (emphasise stretch and constant tension)
A2 Band pull appart (emphasise contraction and constant tension) 4 sets max/10

B1 Push press (ramp to limit weight as doubles/ singles with 5 singles at 90%+

C1 Seated DB press (full range, controlled eccentric, aggresive concentric) 5x8

D1 Wide grip row (really squeeze post delt/ mid back at top, constant tension)
D2 Plate laterals (full range, high reps) 3 set 12/20

Day 2 ("pulling)

A1 Snatch grip deadlift + shrug from defecit (contant tension and squeeze at top) 4x10

B1 Clean pull (as push press)

C1 Back squat (constant tension and deep) 5x8

D1 Walking lunge (big range, big conraction)
D2 Lying hip thrust (big squeeze at top) 3 sets of 10/15

Day 3 (Weightlifting)

Snatch - bunch of 3’s/2’s/1’s upto 90% or how I’m feeling that day
C+J - bunch of 3’s/2’s/1’s upto 90% or how I’m feeling that day
Front squat - bunch of 3’s/2’s/1’s upto 90% or how I’m feeling that day

Then peri-workout, I can afford 2 scoops of Plazma a workout which for a 170lb weightlifter I’d hope would be a reasonable starting point.

I’m looking at this and thinking there is a fair chance it will work, I can cope with the workouts and can keep my nutrition on schedule but I guess the real thing is what do people think, is this the sort of session and intensity that warrants Plazma and does the general format follow the idea of reactive pump if I’ve interpretted it corectly?

P.s. sorry if this is in the worng place, I got a bit confused posting!