Weightlifting, What the Pros are Taking

Hi All

There has been a massive wave of IOC suspensions off the back of re-testing 2012 and 2008 samples.

It seems that everyone who is getting caught has been taking Tren and many have been stacking with Winny.

This seems like a smart little stack. Tren acts on the AR and Winny works on the other pathway while helping to control water and moobs.

It seems however that the recent improvements in Tren detection make this stack obsolete, or at least atheletes will need to come off much sooner. So, aside from coming off sooner, what would be a smarter alternative?

Ive never used but im looking into it, so my view is niave. A quick search brought up a clearance time for Trem at a min 5-6 wks (depending on the variant) and oral winny at 3 weeks.

This makes a lot of sense, the people getting caught are the people who didnt cycle off early enough. Some are getting caught with both, some are getting caught between the two clearances and are only being picked up for Trem. There are even some getting caught for Trem and Winny metabolites. So I would be very surprised if oral Trem and Winny was not the stack of choice for those who have been caught.

Here is my question, would it make more sense to use T-prop as the AR agonist to stack with the winny tabs?

First of all, if you cycle off too late, you cycle off too late, that should go without saying. That said, if you are using PEDs with faster clearances, this helps you to manage testing a little easier no?

A T-prop/winny stack , would drop your clearance max from 5 to 3wks as T-prop is supposed to clear by 2wks. Furthermore, jagging T-prop over oral Trem would decrease the load on your liver, how are these guys not yellow lol!?

So the benefits of T-prop/winny tab over Trem tab/winny tab are faster clearance and less liver stress while keeping the synergistic anabolic stack and mitigating water and moobs. The down side is, you need to jag (if that is an issue for you) and you will need yo do a little maths to work out how to keep your T-prop at an effective concentration.

Being a bit of a noob, have I missed anything? I do have a medical/physiology/pharmacology background so I am picking this up pretty quickly.

Here is a final question for you, whats wrong with just using Winny? Is it just going to be less effective than stacking with an AR agonist? Are there any other disadvantages of using Winny over stacking with an AR agonist?

Thanks for reading