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Weightlifting Videos

Anybody know of a good site for online Olympic lifting videos? I had a great site but it dried up, and I didn’t manage to download any of their vids.


Here’s one:


This may be the only site you’ll ever need for video demonstrations of almost every movment http://www.bsu.edu/webapps/strengthlab/index.asp

Hey thanks a ton for the links guys!
Are there any sites with competition vids?
The last site I had was: http://benn.vectorx.org/


regarding both links (esp the first one) some of the movements are not exactly up to far in terms of form and demostration, and some are outright ugly.

the only good ones are for money. go to ironmind.com or wait for CT’s videos

another site that includes instructional videos:


Ironmind.com had a great selection of training hall and comp tapes. I have a some and throughly enjoy watching the ridiculous displays of strength.

I hope CT’s video is out soon, any word?