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Weightlifting training schedule question



body weight: 66kg

my 1RMs:

FS: 100kg
BS: 110kg (high bar)
Power clean: 90kg
Power snatch: 55kg
Jerk: 65kg
Hang power clean: 80kg
Deadlift: 150kg
Bench: 85kg

Which program would I befinite most from? a madcow schedule for 12 weeks see link:

or this:

this is a chinese sample program and adjusted it so each session dosnt take 2,5hours. I figured

that Im weak in my legs and need to alot of strength in there to raise my power clean, but my

Jerk and power snatch is not good so I try t o prio them aswell(started with snatch and jerk like

2-3 months ago)

main difference is madcow like a 5RM program and this is much more like 1RM.

Hang clean to 1RM (3Ã??2)
Clean Pulls (5-6 x 3) 110-140%
Front Squats (5-7 x 3-5) koncentric, with stop some of them as pin squats.

Snatch 85-90% (2-3 x1) â?? Overhead squat after completion of each rep)
Snatch Balance (5-8 x 1-3)
bench press (5 x 3-5)

Back Squats to 1RM (6-8 x 2-5)
Jerk to 1RM(3x2)
Good mornings (3x8)

Front Squats to 1RM (5-6 x 1-3)
Snatch to 1RM (3Ã??3)
Snatch Pulls (5-6 x 2-3) 110-140%

Benchpress (5 x 3-5)
back Squats (5-7 x 3-5)
Deadlifts (5-6 x 1-3)

Snatch Balance (5-8 x 1-3) 75-110% of snatch max
Push Jerk (5Ã??1-3)
Behind Neck Push Jerk (6 x 1)

am I missing something? should I replace some?(except bench)


you have no CnJ to max, or are you not competing? also i'd probably for get the hang clean and use power clean from low blocks.


Will you be able to train that much? are you use to training that often? Leave out one of the push jerks in saturday and use something else


No I seperated clean and jerk, because I can clean like 90kgs and jerk maybe 70kgs so that doesnt really work..
and Im not competing. I do hang clean because I can only hang power clean 80-82,5 but I can power clean 90 without even training it from the floor so I want to increase my hang to like 85-90.

I tried the "monday" schedule, worked really well except for the clean pulls I was not used to do so many cleans and afterwards pulls.
how high should a clean pull be? if I do it like 110-140% of my hang power clean RM.

Im used to train 5-6 times a week for maybe 1-1.5hours per session, im not used to squat 4-5 times a week thats the biggest diffrent and Im not used to make 1RMs so often, do you think it will have a good impact?