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Weightlifting Systems


Hey folks.
Right now I understand the bulgarian and russian weightlifting systems but could someone explain what the greeks,turks and asians do with regards to exercise selection, intensity and periodization?
Thanks in advance.


Greek system is much like the Bulgarian system - classic lifts, power variants, squats, heavy on the full lifts, lighter on the power variants. There's an issue of Milo with an interview with Iakovou and and article on Dimas that has a pretty detailed daily schedule. I think the Turks is pretty similar.

Chinese is much like the Russian (from what I remember it's based on the old Russian stuff) - lots of assistance especially bottom-up overhead squats to improve snatch and jerk stability, plus DB rows, ab work, pulls, forced reps on squats, curls, bench press.


Is a forced rep on a squat what I think it is?


I'm pretty interested in learning and seeing these different systems anyone have any info or links would be greatly appreciated....


Hey thanks a lot man.
Looking at all of them I suppose it's best to keep away from the bulgarian stuff-I can't understand how that system would produce results in the long run (multi-year), I can see how it would definately produce results at first but what about after a year of the same 3 exercises??
The chinese system seems logical


So is bottom up OHS more beneficial than a full OHS?


What about the Iranian system?