Weightlifting Shoes

I wanted to buy good weightlifting shoes. Previously, i used adidas ones. Used them for year. Heels not high enough. What website do you guys recommend

I believe Risto makes some relatively high heels. Or you could always try taking your shoes to a cobbler.

Check out the VS athletic weightlifting shoes. They’re under 100$, are very durable, and have the 1.5in heels which are the highest available.

I believe bcingu is correct, Risto has some of the highest heels and they are proportional to the size of the shoe. The VS heels are pretty high as well but some people have complained about quality. Go take a look at http://wlshoes.com - they list heel heights of most oly shoes.

Hey guys.

I just ordered some 2010 Do-Wins with a 0.75" heel.

Do you think this heel may be too low? I’m not the most flexible guy in the world… Is it possible to modify it slightly? Cheers.

I’m not sure how anyone else would know how much heel you need, but it’s probably fine. Since they have wooden heels, you could probably take them to a cobbler if need be.