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Weightlifting Shoes


I've looked all over the web for weightlifting shoes, all I can consistently find are VS Athletic shoes. Every other brand is either discontinued or do not have my size... anybody know of any webistes or places I can look to help me out ?

Thanks !




http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/ Be careful to not drop anything on you though.


Ive wondered...

Does a higher heel help with leverage ?

Ive always done my deads and squats without shoes...any advantages to having the foot slightly elevated at the heel and not flat ?


I recently purchased a pair of 2010 Pendlay's, and tried them out on all of my lifts. I used to lift in Chucks (for squatting) or 5fingers (for deadlifting / whatever). I've used them once so far for deadlifting. I've noticed that I can move slightly less weight with the heel, but the stress / soreness the next day is shifted from the insertion point of the hamstring to the middle of the hamstring. This makes me think that I'm recruiting more leg in the lift, and less levering the weight up. I have a very short torso and very long legs arms, so flat footed I can get away with a pretty high hip setup.

In any case, I'm going to try them out for a few months and see what it does to my strength. I've a feeling it'll help in the long run.


Its not so much leverage as it increases the ROM at the ankle. So for people with poor squat form due to tight muscles (calves etc), elevating the heel will allow them to perform a squat with proper tibia/torso angle and take away from putting too much pressure on the hips/back.

Olympic lifters should still be able to perform deep squats properly without lifting shoes, but they do make things easier during the lifts. That said, people can benefit in wearing shoes/plate underneath feet when doing squats, but should be working towards increasing flexibility/ROM at the ankle joint and correcting the issue.

In regards to deadlifts, unless you are OLifting and doing squat DL's, you would be better off doing them barefoot. DLing with lifting shoes can cause you to lean forward and change leverage in that respect. You ideally want to focus on driving your heels through the floor so having heels elevated will be less efficient and cause you to move less weight.


I am looking to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes. I am not an olympic lifter, however I always do full squats. Are weightlifting shoes narrower than sneakers? The reason I ask is because my little toe does not feel comfortable in narrow shoes.

I noticed the description for VS White Leather Shoes and VS Dynamo says "slightly wider width than average" whereas Werksan Blue Suede Shoes description says "wide width."


The VS, Do-wins, and Pendlays all tend to run wider than Adidas or Nike in my experience. Werksans run wide too, but IMO they are not as good quality as any of the other brands.


Thanks for the reply.

I meant to say my little toe on both feet. (plural).


From what I have heard, the shoes on Pendlay.com are pretty bad-ass....


Now who would have told you that?