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Weightlifting Shoes?


I never really thought even about the concept, until I started watching powerlifters and reading articles about prep for lifting competitions. I'm about a year and a half into lifting, I personally don't know anyone who has lifting specific shoes, but anyone here have any testimonial as to whether they really help or not? Or whether for a beginner like me it's just pointless and I shouldn't care yet?


dude i’ve been lifting for like 3 years, have gained about 70lbs, and have worn regular running shoes.

you’re just starting out, there’s more important things to focus on.


Chucky Ts for deads, calves, and back. Carbon fiber Nikes everything else.



x2 on what holymac said, but chucks are good lifting shoes, (since you asked) theyre good because they dont restrict your foot at all, there was an article on this or involving good shoes to wear for lifting and chucks and nike frees were reccomended but theres definately much bigger things to worry about id say haha


Here read this.


If you are doing the Olympic lifts they really help, and if you are serious about oly lifting then they are a necessity.

For bodybuilding purpose, they would help with reaching depth in squats, but thats about it. You can spend your money better on food or supplements, if you have trouble with depth, just throw some 10lb under your heels and you will be all set.

If money is not an issue, then weightlifting shoes will not hurt.