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Weightlifting shoes from Strengthshop UK


Looking to get some shoes, but have a very limited budget after buying bumpers etc. Has anyone got or heard anything about the Strengthshop 'own brand' ones?

Are they any good? and what size did you order because the site says they come up large and you should get a half to a full size smaller?

Hoping for some quick replies, I want to order them NOW!

Thanks all.


I don't have experience with them personally, but they look better than the ones I've got. Harder to find them in leather these days, they seem to be making them from synthetic material. Mine are definitely of cheap synthetic construction and the upper is starting to wear out already. That being said, they will last me a year.

Sizing is hard... Most places say to order 1 - 1/2 sizes smaller than normal... But when I ordered 1/2 size smaller than usual I literally could not squish the damned shoes on my feet. Ended up with my usual size (though I've realized my usual size is probably 1/2 size too small because I like my shoes fitting).

Worst case... You can wear extra socks in them.

They have stretched out now, though, so my toes aren't up against the ends anymore. Guess leather will stretch out even more than synthetic.

You could measure the underside of shoes that you have currently and then ask them which size has that measurement corresponds. That might be a bit safer.


I have a pair of the first run which I use as my second pair (for squatting and pressing - I'm really hard on shoes, so save my indestructible Ironwork IIs for the lifts). They run large and wide - mine are a full size smaller, and I have my own insoles in, and they're still not mega tight. They're nice to lift in, just don't look and feel as bulletproof as the Ironwork II (but what shoe is?).