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Weightlifting Shoe Advice?

Hey guys, just trying to get some opinions because I’ve never used weightlifting shoes with a raised heel before.
How necessary do you guys think weightlifting shoes are?
Do you have any recommendations on brands and heights?

Thanks much!


I went with the new adidas power perfect II. I went with a half size smaller than my normal shoe, worked out pretty good.

3/4 of an inch seems to be standard heel height. that being said you might find some a little higher or a little lower…

apparently they experimented with higher heel raise but found that it was harder to balance as it really shifted the center of balance forward from the mid-foot (though i’d like to see a more detailed discussion / history on this if anyone has a reference for me).

they help you get a lower upright torso under the bar for the catch. some people don’t need them (can hit the position just fine without them) but everyone i know seems to find the shoes make things feel more smooth / comfortable. they are also designed specifically to not compress / squish funny when you have significant loading so most people find that they feel more stable with them.

i don’t think they are necessary… but everyone i know who has got them says they will never go back. and many say they wish they acquired them earlier.

[quote]gonepostal wrote:

I love reading shit like this haha.

I’ve only ever used one type of shoe by VS Athletics. They’re relatively cheap as far as weightlifting shoes go and they get the job done just fine. Heel is 3/4 of an inch I believe, which I think, as Alexus said, is pretty standard.

If you’re gonna do the lifts I’d recommend you get some shoes man. They don’t have to cost you all that much and they help you to get in the positions easier/better. There’s a reason all elite lifters use them.

Here, egu-mah-kate yourself: http://wlshoes.com (wfs)

They cover the various types and uses for weightlifting shoes as well as what people actually think about the shoes in reviews.

anyone with wide/flat feet have experience with any good shoes for us hobbit folks? i’ve heard the Adidas power perfect II are a little narrow

I’ve heard Risto’s run wide and Adidas run narrow. Not sure beyond that.

One idea might be to try people’s on if you know people with some. Or to take a look at how they compare (for their size) with something like chucks (since everyone seems to know all about chucks).

My experience with a few different shoes

Old skool Adidas from 1997, single strap, £60 still going strong, mate has them, heels chipped a bit but they are a good pair, a bit narrow for my feet. For reference I prefer Nike Trainers

AdiStars 04 for Athen,s £120 comfy, like the triple strap, light, steady, great pair of shoes, a tad narrow but still comfy

Nike Romaleos (white ones), £100 pre preduction model I got from ebay, all around bad ass, wider base then the AdiStars, heavier (no preference either way for me on weight), looks cooler, great pair of shoes, wider, fits better, 2 straps

Nike Romaleos (black/ blue ones), same as above but these are production ones, I have 2 liners. I rarely use these, but these are back ups.

Romaleos and Ristos are the widest that I know of. The site mentioned above states that the New Reeboks will be wider than Adidas so I’m hoping they will accommodate “hobbit” feet as well.