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Weightlifting Saved My Life!

I’ve been a reader from Testosterone since 1999 I beleive and never posted anything, but I needed to post this.

Last monday (25 Sep) I survived a car accident.

When I was driving, I opened my window and a friggin’ mosquito (that’s right)was flying around my face. I tried to scare the mosquito away with my right hand out of the car. I lost my concentration on the front and suddenly I crashed against four metallic tubes that were lying on the side of the avenue. The impact was so hard that the car flew through the air, twisted two times and ended knocked over. Inside the car, in desesperation, with my left foot, I broke the window and escaped successfully. The car was 100% lost.

Injuries? just a tiny scrape on my left hand and a bruise on my left biceps amid the security bag. I didn’t had the belt on.

I couldn`t beleived I didn’t had any injuries or broken bones. According to an orthopedic surgeon who checked me out, my well “developed” body and strength from weightling saved me from any accident. I grasped the handle with all my strength and locked my arms during the accident (my only chance to survive).

Well, I guess that aside from any goal to impress the chicks or look good nekid’, the primary goal of weigthlifting is to have a better and healthy body, thus increasing your odds of survival if any accident occurs.

Of course, 99.99999% was God’s mercy.

(I will try to attach the photo later, as I have problems on how to atachh it)

glad your ok.

same kinda thing happened to me in july. not as bad as your accident though. i hit the center divider after hydroplaning in a freak down pour. i didnt have my seatbelt on and hit the wall at about 60, head on. i basically pressed myself into the seat and just locked my arms. there was 8000 dollars in damage to the front end. no functional strength in bodybuilding huh?

lift heavy or die ;}

Let’s not forget about Sergio Olivia. His chest muscles slowed a bullet, that it didn’t even penetrate the ribcage!

I am glad to hear that you are allright, but damn, almost getting killed because of a mosquito? I would be embarrassed to post that.

Fantastic, thank God you are OK. I posted a story not long ago about how my strength and fitness training and a whole lotta help from upstairs saved me and another guy from drowning in the sea a couple of years ago.

More evidence that training is usefull for more than just opening jars for women : )

Yeah you know, it was kind of embarrasing… but that happened. I could go on and lie about what was the cause of the accident. But I realized lots of people die given strange,uncommon, and “funny” causes. That reinforced me the idea of how our lives are so fragile and how they are always threatened. So, you start to feel thankful at every moment you are alive and thats pretty cool.