Weightlifting Robot

My name is Jon North and I am a robot. I cannot lie to the public
anymore about being human because I am not, I am a weightlifting robot.
I wake up in the morning and I eat kilos??s for breakfast, and the red
ones are my favorite. I love mixing my red kilos??s with tasty white
cloudy chalk and a nice cold bar to top off my meal. Now my meal is
over its time to train, no words just a cold hard look from the one and
only Donnie Shankle that says its war time?.

I thank my maker for
giving me a good robot heart because without it I would fall hard as
Donnie would continue on his journey through the land of weightlifting
without me. That will never happen because I am a strong robot with a
good robot heart. I grab my shield and sword and begin to fight side by
side with Donnie until there are no more kiloss left to kill. I wipe
the red blood off my sword and tell Donnie good training. My bold
bright and proud California strength tattoo is moving up and down from
my heart beat. That tattoo gives me pride, for California strength is
my maker.

reads like an Animal ad

Reads like a get your ass to them gym ad

Welcome to our lil’ O-Lifting forum John!!!

Welcome Jon, if it’s actually you. I look up to you.

I like it :slight_smile:


dont encourage him…

Steroids have softened your head.

[quote]Wrah wrote:
Steroids have softened your head.[/quote]

You just had to go there, didn’t you?

haters gonna hate man… :slight_smile: