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Weightlifting Program Suggestion?


Hi Coach, can you recommend some weightlifting program?? for beginner-intermdiate 3-5 days, thx!


“Weightlifting” in one word normally indicate “Olympic lifting”, so training for the snatch and clean & jerk. Is that what you have in mind or do you mean weight lifting in the general sense of lifting weights to build strength and size?


if you are talking about Olympic weightlifting, I would check out some teams from the Train Heroic website. For example, Cal Strength Club and Waxman’s gym have programming for 3-5 days a week. It does cost $10 a month.


Yes, Olimpic lifting, ive see the cal strength programm but i dont like it too much, any recommendation coach?? A routine to follow recommended?? Or some guidelinea yous?? Thx so much.