weightlifting program geared towards fat loss?

Hey Everyone,

I thought i remembered reading somewhere that Charles Polquin had designed a lifting routine that he felt was geared towards fat loss, as opposed to most, which are aimed towards strength/hypertrophy

I know weight gain or loss is more a function of diet, but i am looking for something to help my girlfriend once i start getting her in the gym regularly. Its hard for her to do running type cardio due to bad shin splints.

If anyone can point me in the right direction let me know. Perhaps i saw it in his Polquin Principles book.


That was called something like ‘Fat Loss for Real Men’ and was a sucky little book full of ads. The program is actually called German Body Comp and was published in Muscle Media 2000 back when TC and the gang were at that mag.

You can now find that info at T-mag by searching for “Body Comp”.

Also, “Meltdown Training” is a revised version of the program. All found in T-mag’s previous issues section or with a search of T-mag (not the forum).

Wait, I knew the Body Comp program had a funky title at T-mag so I looked it up. Here’s the link:

Meltdown I is probably better though. Poliquin helped write that as I recall. Alessi is the author.

Tones, this is another one on this site: