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Weightlifting program for Teens

I have been lifting for about 15 years and now my two boys 11 and 13 want to start lifting also. They both play football and other sports and want to increase stregnth.
I want to get them on a program that will increase core stregnth. I have read conflicting opinions on teens lifting. What is a good program for kids this age?

Look for a program called “the beginners blast off program” at t-mag. It’s by Chris Shugart. Just don’t let them train to total failure or go for maxes the first few years.

Of course spend a great deal of time on range of motion and learning the exercises properly. In faith, Coach Davies

if you could, teach them or have a coach teach them to OL properly…

Coach Davies’ Renegade training has helped our whole family including our 11 year old! He recently placed 2nd in an obstacle course event where the oldest was 16! Jump rope, push ups, pull ups, monkey bars ect are a great place to start.