Weightlifting Platform

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to build a decent olympic lifting platform? what tools, materials, etc. also, anyone know how easy these things are to take down and transport around?? Thanks for any help.

A simple platform can be made with 3 sheets of 3/4" plywood and 32 sq ft of 3/4" rubber. Simple lay two sheets down side by side to form an 8’ square. Add the third sheet on top in the middle running crosswise to the other two. Screw this sheet down to the other two leaving 2’ wide open areas on each side. Simple fill in the open area with rubber the same height as your plywood. A 5’ x 7’ mat works well. You can cut two strips 7’ x 2’ and then add the remaining 1’ x 2’ strip to finish it off.

A more complex design that reduces the sound and vibration can be found at

In the past, I’ve used old tires to support the platform for cushioning and less wear & tear on the surface beneath platform in my garage. Every so often, check to make sure platform is level and shim and or move tires around until it is level again. The platform was constructed with a base layer of 1/2" ply and a top layer of 3/4" ply with 2" x 4"s in between but not secured and not tightly packed for cushioning and less noise. Only the perimeter is screwed down, so the platform can be taken apart in minutes witha cordless drill and put back together the same. Hope this helps; HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Go read Dan Johns free ebook ‘From the Ground Up’ it has some great ideas on how to make a weighlifting platform.