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Weightlifting Platform


I just finished building a lifting platform using (4) pieces of 4x8 3/4" cdx plywood, (1) 4x8 1/2" plywood for the center piece, and 1/2" rubber mats on the sides. I observed that when you walk on the platform there is some sink in the center plywood. I've never really lifted on a platform before, but is there suppose to be some give to the platform? or did I probably do something wrong?


It solid wood, isn't it? What could sink?


it is solid wood, but i'm suspecting that the plywood is bowed or cupped.


I built a platform a while back for my gym. Dimensions are the same but I had to cut weird pieces because of the size of the "door" that opens to the room. More like a window, 32" x 32".

I had no such issues with bending. BUT, if its bowed, make sure the bowed pieces are on the bottom. Then they will hopefully eventually flatten. Better yet, don't buy bad wood but too late for that. Its cheap luckily.

Edit: ignore the use of carpet, lol. I didn't have rubber on hand.


if its a question of cheap plywood, I can unscrew the top piece and replace it. otherwise i'm thinking of just replacing it w/ a 4x8 rubber mat.


Id go with the rubber mat.


Are you talking about the middle of the platform where your feet are? Because I thought you'd want the hard wood surface under your feet not something shock absorbing like rubber.


The platform lays on top of 1/2" interlocking rubber tiles, the solid ones not the cheap crap. the tiles cover porcelain tiles. Is it possible the rubber tiles could cause a problem?


I removed the top layer and walked on the plywood making up the understructure, and the platform still sinks. I did some research and found that the RTD plywood they sold me at home depot is classified as sheathing which is more for roofs and walls, not subfloors like CDX. For anyone that has knowledge in this area, do you think this is the cause of the springy platform?


About how much did it cost you to make your platform? My gym is getting bumper plates soon and I'm thinking of building one.


the materials for the platform cost me about $200.

after taking apart my platform, I examined each plywood and found that all but one are seriously warped. I'm giving up on the platform and setting up a deadlifting space consisting of the only good 3/4" plywood with a 3/4 rubber mat on top of that, and investiing in bumper plates. This is all in addition to the 1/2" rubber interlocking tiles covering my porcelain tiles. Do you think the porcelain tiles are safe from deadlifts with this last set-up I described?


No, I think the tiles are screwed, honestly. No matter what you do.