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Weightlifting Okay?


At this stage iam trying to gain mass. Just an example I do 50 pounds bicep curls my first rep is 10 then I can only do 8 then I have to give it my all to reach 6. Would I be better off say curling 40 and be able to do 10 reps for all three sets? Fyi iam new to the forum just learning all this new studf


You do more than just curls correct?


Ye thats just an example of one workout


No you would be better off ditching curls and starting a beginner program such as starting strength, stronglifts or 5/3/1 for beginners. Follow the program to the point. No added curls. No added shrugs. No added crunches.

I guarantee if you spend 95% of your energy on squats, deadlifts, rows and big pressing movements your arms will be much bigger than if you try to curl your way to success.

I’m not even kidding…


Thanks man ill check that out!


I agree you should concentrate on the small handful of big lifts. Things like curls and and stuff you can maybe do in extra time and for fun (I look forward to doing curls). But you need the foundation built by your squats, bench, etc.


Ye I have been told by many now and read everywhere focus on my compound lifts rather than isolation workouts. I saw this somewhere they simplified it like this… compound lifts=the foundation and isolation workouts=sculpting…I need to get stronger and bigger so COMPOUND LIFTS IT IS! Thanks for the feedback