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Weightlifting Kills Ex-Steeler

David Little, an ex-Steeler linebacker was killed while benching at his home. The report says he had heart disease, and a cardiac fluttering caused him to drop 250 pounds onto his chest. The weights rolled onto his neck, and suffocated him.

Maybe working out at home alone isn’t such a good idea.

Not if you have heart disease.

I work out at home, alone and I will continue to do so. I love the lack of distraction that comes from working alone - it’s just me and the weights. Besides, more people die each year from choking while eating alone, does that mean you shouldn’t eat alone? Probably a bad example, but what I’m getting at is that life is a series of risks. Freak accidents kill people all the time, yet we don’t change our lifestyles because of it.

I work in Manhattan and after 9/11, all of my family and friends asked if I was afraid to go to work each day. I told them that I could fall down my stairs and die or a tree could fall down on me. There are so many ways to die that you can’t avoid them all. Life is hard, wear a helmet.