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Weightlifting In College


I'm about to be an incoming freshman soon and I already know i'll be hitting those books(among other things) most of the time. for those of you who have already been through college, how did you find the time to workout? cause right now i dont' see myself being able to lift 5-6 times a week.


I lifted hard 3 times per week, about an hour. Remember that the gym on campus isn't far away, and unless the hours suck, it won't be that hard to fit training in.

Control your diet, and with all the walking around campus and the occasional pickup game of soccer or frizbee and you're golden.



Unless you're triple majoring in chem, bio, and molecular engineering, you'll have time.

I was taking a minimum of 16 credits per semester, double majoring, and playing a varsity sport, and I still found time to lift on my own 5 times a week, and that was in addition to the lifting I had to do for my sport.

Your classes will take up 3-4 hours of the day, classwork&studying maybe an additional 2. That leaves 18 hours to eat, sleep, harass co-eds, and workout.

One tip: A lot of colleges have the typical "Rec Centers" or "campus weight rooms" that are packed with douchebags bench pressing 135 pounds 6 days a week.

However, they also typically have "crappy" weight rooms scattered throughout campus. I found myself a little unknown hole in the wall gym in the basement of a dorm building that was nothing but benches, power racks, dumbbells and barbells. It was fantastic...


Or you can let lifting and other things consume your life so much that you go on academic probation. Not that I did that...ahem.

In any case,





I don't mean to be rude or anything, but the only way you won't have time is if you waste it. I work 60-80 hours a week and still get in 4 one hour sessions a week. Now college seems like it was all free time.


College is all free time.

You'll make time. Call me fucked up, but for the last couple years I managed to schedule my classes in such a way that I had time to lift when I wanted to.

It's when you graduate college and are working ten hours a day that you have to worry about missing out.


As others have said, you will never have more time in life than when in college.

God, I would be a career student if possible.
I remember one semester I had classes Tues and Thurs from 10-4 (roughly), that was it.


It's SOOOOOOOO easy to weight lift and gain lean mass in college.

You just have to put your mind do it, don't go get balls to the walls drunk every couple days (I know people who did this, they looked like shit after only a few months).

That doesn't mean don't drink, it just means do it in moderation, and if you absolutely HAVE to get smashed, dont' do it on a regular basis.

And while lifting weights is all good and fun, don't blow your whole college experience because you "can't drink."

Just take a bottle of water to parties, or drink water or a coke from the bar.

No one says anything after you explain it a few times.


Yea but the question is what was your GPA? lol


You'll find time to hit the gym. There are plenty of D 1 athletes who are working out 15-20 hrs a week and still going to classes. At least where I went to school, the cafeterias were all you can eat, so you can pack on plenty of mass. The average college freshman gains 15 pounds over the course of the year, just make sure your 15 lbs is muscle.


This is so true. Look for the lesser known weight rooms and your workouts will be much more efficient.


Sounds oh too familar...luckily this allowed me to change my major to something I enjoy. As far as lifting in college...stay away from the Recs. Yes the girls are amazing to look at even though you can tell theyve spent the last hour dressing up to look good at teh gym but if you want a nice workout go to a local gym if you can afford a membership and get a lifting partner.


I am an incoming sophomore in college and I actually based my gym time around the varsity sport schedule. Cuz, they let us use the varsity gym whenever it's empty. Luckily, I was able to go at my favorite time (early afternoon) and scheduled my classes around that. College really is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to the gym (no job, no worries). So, maybe take a look at your class schedule and base your gym time around that. And one more thing, if you really want to go to the gym, there is nothing stopping you . . . you'll make time. Good Luck!


yea i'm just going to chime in again. I'm a senior studying biophysical chemistry as an undergrad, and on the side i have begun working on research for my phD(going to begin grad school in the same school immediately afterward).

Anyway long story short, i have a 3.9 gpa, and i have so much god damn time that i often leave school and all obligations for days at a time to go windsurfing or kitesurfing since my life revolves around having fun and being in the water.

oh yea i also ride motorcycles.

One thing i've learned is that you ALWAYS have time to do anything at any stage in life, you just need to manage your time wisely. It's amazing how much time goes to waste without you even knowing it. Think about when you actually sit down to do your work, how much of that time are you actually working and how much do you spend just dicking around?


You know what they say, C's earn Degrees :wink:


Damn straight. I never had any trouble finding time to work out, study, and party in college.


I played a varsity sport in college two out of the four years, was in a frat, and had plenty of time to party, have fun, and relax. And I graduated with a 3.9. It's all about time management and just getting your shit done.


I would not say that. Some jobs are extremely demanding and leave you with little free time. But it's a choice to go into that field/specialty.


I have found that getting the workouts in is easy; however, getting enough sleep is not. Consuming enough/affording quality food, in my experience is the most difficult part about working out in college (especially for ectomorphs like myself).


I worked out about 3 to 4 times a week for about 45 mins in college. I don't care how busy you are you can spare 45 mins of your time.