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Weightlifting Gyms in Southwest CT?


Hey guys,

I'm a student who will be doing a medical residence at Greenwich Hospital. I will be looking for a gym to train at while I'm living in the area.

I'm looking for a place that has bumper plates and platforms. As a side note, many of the gyms that seem to have bumpers are Crossfit gyms. I have no interest in Crossfit, but would not mind training at a Crossfit gym. Unfortunately it seems many of these gyms will only sell you Crossfit classes instead of an actual membership.

Is anyone aware of any good gyms in the area?


Try the BWL and UKOW sites, they have directories


[quote]Charlietr wrote:
Try the BWL and UKOW sites, they have directories[/quote]

This is in the States (Greenwich, CT).
However, this gave me the idea to check directories through the USA Weightlifting website, which gave me a good starting place.

Thanks for the idea.


There’s a place in Ridgefield called “The Gym” that has a lot of stuff for O-lifting. Probably too far from Greenwich but technically southwest Ct.


Oops, glad I inadvertently helped :slight_smile: