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Weightlifting Gyms in Houston


I'll be in Houston for 6 weeks, and I'm trying to find a gym where I can train the olympic lifts, or at least be able to squat/deadlift properly. Does anybody know or can recommend a gym in the Northwest Houston Area? I'll be staying close to the Bear Creek Park.



Look up Tim Swords in League City (I think) and he will know who is close to where you are/will be.


Ok, I’ll try to contact him, thanks!


I live a few houses down from Tim, that is a pretty long trek from the NW side. He’s also pretty well stocked up lifter-wise. I know of about 4 gyms (including Tim’s) that are pretty well set up for oly type weightlifting, but they’re all on the southeast side. Your best bet is probably to see if you can find a Crossfit place that will hook you up and let you oly lift. Unless you don’t mind driving, then I can recommend a couple different places.


Hi Matt, indeed for what I searched there are a couple of crossfit places near by. It seems that all the good stuff happens on the southeast! I’ll try to contact a few of these gyms to know if they accept “lifters”. I think I’ll be staying near Clay Road and Sam Houston Pkwy, there aren’t many gyms close to that area, let alone PL/WL friendly ones.


Which other gyms are on the SE side? Looking for a gym as well, and I live on the south side. I contacted Tim once, but he never replied. I’ve heard he’s really busy and has a lot of lifters already. I would prefer to go to a gym more specialized in weightlifting as opposed to a Crossfit gym. Thanks.


A few months ago while visiting I went into Hank’s Gym in Bellaire. They still have bumper plates, a crappy bar, and beat-up platform.

For something long-term I’d work out with Tim Swords. Especially if you need coaching. He’s a great guy.