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Weightlifting First Cycle

Need some help for planning my first cycle.
I am 25 years old, have been training for 10+ years, 5 seriously in Oly lifting.
I’m 5’8, 170 lbs
snatch 125kg
clean and jerk 155kg
ATG squat 210kg
Push press 130kg

I’m strong, I’ve paid my dues, I want to do a cycle.
I’m a wieght-class athlete and CANNOT gain much WEIGHT, just need STRENGTH
I want a cycle that is short and easy to follow
I’ve never done anything more than creatine and clenbuterol to cut one time

I was thinking of running 6 weeks of:
Anavar - 50mg/ED
Test Prop - 100mg/EOD
Nolvadex - ??
Milk Thistle - ??

Nolvadex - ??

I’m not sure how much nolva to take during cycle for anti-estrogen and in PCT
I figure I should take milk thistle for liver protection while on, but not sure how much or if I need to take anything more.
I"m very interested in doing this right - the safest and smartest way

use nolva for pct , not on cycle. Use arimadex or aromasin. Nolvadex stimulates lh and fsh(natural production) and you don’t want to do that when you’re just shutting yourself down with the testp and anavar