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Weightlifting father gone too far?

This article is so full of flaws I can’t bare it.

  1. Creatine has never been found to be the cause of cramps, dehydration or kidney problems -so why are they worrying about this being an issue?
  2. Powerlifting and weightlifting will stress your bones and joints much less than the ballistic changes of direction in football or basketball.
  3. He isn’t even working out that often…
  4. Powerlifting/Weightlifting has very low injury frequencies in comparison to every other sport. Especially if you look at a contact sport such as football.

Several things do bother me though!
He is totally obsessed with his son?s athletic success -but I must say is allowing a very balanced development of his movement skills. Nears perfektion.
Supplements in general have been found to be contaminated in many cases! A study done by the IOC found that 14 out of 16 products would have resulted in a positive doping test if it were taken as directed. Even though no doping agents were listed on the label!
On a side note this study was also used to promote IOC approved supplement companies that were “clean”…
Why is it parents worry about creatine and turn aroud and feed their childre candybars, sugar laden sodas, hamburgers and good nows what?
I just don’t get it…