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Weightlifting Equipment

Does anyone know a good site to purchase things like an adjustable bench, power rack, 400 lb weight set etc…? I checked out elitefts but their stuff seems overpriced.

Legend Fitness www.legendfitness.com

I used them for all my equipment and couldn’t be happier. Top quality and affordable prices, much better prices than you will find with elitefts, williams strength, sorinex, samson, power-lift. I have the power rack with weight storage, lat/low row plate loaded pulldown, 3 way utility bench, flat db bench.

I’m not sure where you live, but if you are ok buying used equipment, check your local newspaper, craigslist, classifieds etc. I had a lot of luck finding dirt cheap weights and a half decent rack.

If you want a good bench and rack you might just have to order one, but I’d bet in your area there are thousands of pounds in olympic weight sets just sitting in garages. Good hunting

FWIW, no commercial line bench will come close to the EFS one. If you’re using it for PLing, of course.