Weightlifting Conditioning

Currently the treadmill in our gym is under repair and maintenance and i will be training 5 times a week what is the best substitute to do hiit or cardio using weights or any other ways for fat loss? i’ll be doing it for 6 times a week im currently on a serious/fast cutting phase.

Just use the search function.

There are many many articles on this site that will answer your question.

Here’s a very good example of one that breaks it all down.

Lift more done and done weightlifting the snatch and clean/jerk are pretty taxing all by themselves.

I’m pretty biased, being an ex rower, but I don’t think you can look past the rowing machine. It is often claimed that about 70% of the power in your stroke comes from the legs, and the majority of the rest from your back. Using the machine correctly and you will really hit the legs and get some very good HIIT in.

Try something simple like this:

20 seconds ON, 40 seconds rest. Repeat x 15. Sorted!

I had the pleasure of being the Massage/ Stretch Therapist for Igor (Grinko) and the 1996 US Olympic Sculling Team.

I had done a little sculling before joining them, but Damn did my pulls become so much better.

Yes, the Rowing Erg is So So overlooked as an excellent way to Condition oneself !