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Weightlifting Coaches/Clubs in Twin Cities?

I’m looking for a coach, hopefully in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis. I’m in Eden Prairie.
Anybody know of one or where to look to find one?

Thanks !

If you haven’t checked out USA Weightlifting, that’s where I would start. They list 14 clubs for Minnesota. I don’t know the suburbs town names, so you’ll have to look. If you don’t see anything close, then call a couple and see if they know anyone close to you. Sometimes the clubs are not registered (because there are only one or two lifters), but the registered clubs will generally know about them.


Thanks guys! I tried to find something like that but what I found myself was a dead link to a 404 page. This is exactly what I was looking for

I would check out Team Spartacus. That is where I have been going. It’s a solid place.