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Weightlifting Clubs/Coaches Boston MA?

Hey guys,

I’m a noob very interested in coaching for the olympic lifts. I’ve read thru some of the forums here and have seen Total Performance Sports pop up a few times for my area (just outside Boston MA). I have actually been lifting here for a couple years now, and love the place.

I don’t ever see the weightlifting club in action, as I am there early afternoons most of the time. I a wondering if anyone can give me advice about the coaches here. I know these guys know their shit when it comes to powerlifting and strongmen, but as for weightlifting I have only seen a few people doing it and the numbers don’t seem very high (although still higher than me, no doubt).

I ask because If I am going to pay for coaching I want to know I am learning from the best I can afford.

Let me know!