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WeightLifting Club


My buddies and I at my college have started a weightlifting club. (I go to RIT in upstate NY). And we are looking for some help/ideas.

We need ideas for competitions, (remember these have to be approved by the schoolboard)
we have these already out there:
Bodyweight/Strength Ratio

Any other suggestions?

Also, we are looking for guest speakers to come and draw people in and to also give us (the public) a chance to learn a thing or 2.

Lastly, we are looking for sponsorship if anyone out there has any ideas, just want to throw that out there.

thanks for reading through this,and posbbily answering.


Olympic lifts?


Chinning contests?


100 rep competition. Saw this on the Dan John lifting and throwing website.


Something akin to stone lifting -- maybe sandbag loading?


I agree with Billy Boy!

You can not beat a good chinning contest. Let me know if anyong can beat 31 dead hang chins.


chins, oly lifts, standing military press for reps, front squats, leg press, blah blah blah.

Apply to your school's central funds and that way you can get sponsorship.


THanks alot for the help everyone...

keep the info coming though...we got some time b4 the first ...well, anything.