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Weightlifting Class and Sport?


Well, I have the option of adding a weightlifting class to my schedule but I'm also playing sports. In the beginning of the semester I'll be playing basketball and then I'll switch to baseball after a couple months. If I lifted at 10:05-11:00 would that have too much of a negative effect on me having practice at 3:00?


No go for it. Just dont Over do it and lay off on game days etc your instructor should understand



Not really since if I recall correctly the weightlifting class is more like a general principles and they give a whole body workout that you have to complete in 1 hour.

Pretty easy stuff if you ask me. However I don't know what university you go to. Just eat a PW meal and then get another one 1 hour before practice at 2:00 that should be enough.


I can't really eat while I'm at school. I've only got five minutes to get to each class and weightlifting is going to take up most of those that time.


Find a way to eat. People who are committed will always make time or find time for things that are important to them.

Eat a good breakfast before you go to school, take some snacks with you to eat in between classes (nuts, beef jerky, fruit, PB&J sandwich, milk) and also pack a good lunch to eat at school. Then eat another snack after school or before practice.

No excuses.


I eat a good breakfast, but I honestly can't eat between classes. As for after school, I can't really eat more than just a little snack or else I'll be puking all over the courth with the coach we have.


Keep a bottle of chocolate milk, or some other post recovery drink with you and drink it after the workout. You can drink it while you're walking to class. A protein/energy bar is appropriate for before your basketball practice. Eating doesn't have to mean sitting down to a full.



Would something like this be worth getting to take before practice?


I drink 2 protein shakes, eat an apple,sandwich, and veggies all at school. It isn't that hard.


I don't have the money to take 2 protein shakes a day.



$30 lasts you 40~ days if you're eating two a day. (one scoop)

Its really not hard to just pack a few apples in your bag, or bring a bottle full of milk or something. It sounds like you're making too many excuses to me. If you really want to do this you're going to need to be a little more creative and put a little more effort into it.

(that came off a lot more assholey than i intended, I did not mean it in that way.)


yes, that's what I meant.