Weightlifting and RPE

I would love to know whether you advise recording RPE to monitor your weight training all the time?

I ask because In a previous response about deloading you wrote:
“I would keep practicing the main lifts but not going hard, just working on form with a weight that represents a 7/10 effort (leaving about 3 reps in the tank) using about 70-75%.”

It is a tool I use with athletes I cannot work full time with since they end to go overboard a lot of time. I wouldn’t put as much into as Mike Tuchscherer does. With weightlifting (Olympic lifting) the distinction is not as precise as with he regular strength lifts. And I don’t find it as useful for the Olympic lifts as for regular strength lifts (because the capacity to maintain explosiveness and technique comes into play a lot more). I normally use it only to illustrate when not to go too hard.

Thanks for your response, much appreciated.

Should I stop my solo Olympic lifting session when I have a slow set rather then how hard it felt (RPE)?

Well with he Olympic lifts it’s kinda hard to go slow since they are explosive lifts by nature. I prefer to use how smooth and efficient the movements feel.