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Weightlifting and Insecure Friends


So I am an avid gym goer. I've been hitting the iron for 6 years in November, ever since i was 15. My friends are in and out of exercising. They usually exercise more when we're all home from school, such as the summer time. I outweigh one of my buddy's by 60 lbs of muscle and he struggles to bench 150 for reps, doesn't do anything else, just "benchin and curlin". But yet he keeps on insisting he could beat me up in a fight haha.

We're just playing but he always saying things like, "I could take you down, I need to workout today, I havent worked out in a few days, your not so tough" etc. I usually just laugh and go about my business but it gets annoying. Any of your buddies ever give you shit like this and what do you do about it?


Yes, and it's fucking annoying. Did you get accused of steroid use yet?


I think one shouldn't discuss the gym with friends too much, sort of like talking about healthy food all the time or your friends will start to get annoyed...so be sure you're not doing that.

ALso, look on the bright side..if your friend keeps saying he can take you, that means he may be intimidated by you, I guess.


haha atleast twice per week


There's also the times when your friends bring up how "big" they used to be.


Is it several friends or just one of them mainly saying they could take you?


Its only one friend




Have you considered the words "come at me bro!" ?

In all seriousness... how good of a 'friend' is this? I don't interact with people that consistently bring negaticity into my life. Not enough hours in the day for that bullshit.


I'm too big for anyone to accuse me of anything...yeah that's right I'm saying I'm bigger than you and I intimidate my own friends.



I'm glad I'm an old fucker and don't have to deal with that annoying bullshit. You have control of the people with whom you associate with. Exercise it.


Pfft...look at me man, I'm bigger than all cattle.


I surprised myself in a mirror one time. Freaked myself out, I did. And then I stomped all over myself.


Totally agree. At some point it's a good idea to learn how to cut connections with people who are just not a good addition to your life.


Your buddy is a bitch. If you can kick someone's ass, you don't make a point to tell them or anyone else that. Time comes, you just go to business and go home. I'd put money on it that he's got some deep seeded self-security issues.

Speaks highly of himself, but doubts himself. I got plenty of friends like that too. Loose ends in life bro.


Well if he's saying it all the time then he's obviously looking for trouble, so you need to give him that trouble and make him wish he had kept his mouth shut. Next time he says it you need to take him up on it and beat the shit out of him if necceessary.
So if he says "I could take you down" you need to say "come over here for a minute" (To get him out of the public view so there are no witnesses and you can deny it when he inevitably tries to sue you). Then ask him to repeat what he just said and go from there.
A good ass kicking solves a lot of problems.


Nope, the only time anyone has given me shit was when a friend of a friend looked down at the pair of 12kg & 15kg or so dbs I had lined up on my living room floor. The dude looked down at the 12kg dbs & said: Is that all you can lift? I said: No that's just a warm-up weight. He picked up one of the 12kg dbs, half curled it ONCE & then dropped it on the floor.

I would have been a bit pissed about him dropping the db on my floor.....though, it was pretty hilarious!!!!!

It's amazing how efficiently a really insecure, arrogant, ignorant etc person can poleaxe themself in such an amusing manner.


You need a column in the paper.. This advice is great..

Edit: Replace every instance of ass kicking with rape and this post makes a whole helluva lot more sense..


@Hallowed : Well put.


Reminds me of older dudes who tell me they used to have long hair (I guess to try to relate to me somehow). Then they show me a picture and their hair is barely touching their collar.