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Weightlifters Shoulder

Also Called Osteolysis of the Distal Clavicle.

The military docs perscribe IB Profen and rest. The physical therapist will give me the same shoulder girdle exercies she gave me last time and tell me to not lift so heavy and take up running instead.

What kind of exercies can i still perform while this is healing. What should i avoid.

I’ve read surgery is a an option and i want to do what ever i need to to avoid this.


Rear delt work. Avoid front military presses. Try behind the head barbell or dumbbell presses if they don’t hurt. Use ice, never use heat.

I’m having the exact same problem. Doctor says there’s nothing I can do about it except surgery. All the trainers I’ve talked to say “just do rubber band excercises and stay away from weights.” I say, “Fuck that!”

I lost a lot of strength and 6 lbs. of muscle since if first flared up so I decided to do something that got me a lot of shit from a lot of peopple - bulk up. My reasoning was that if my joint is never going to be better, no matter what, at least I would add more muscle to the area to keep it stable.

I went to the doctor to get a cortisone shot, started taking fish oil at every meal, icing the shoulder after my workouts, and eating like a pig.

I’m on my third week right now and so far so good. I’ve been training like crazy, very heavy, basic movements, and just staying away from military presses and chest presses. My shoulder doesn’t feel any better or worse than it did before, but my strength has increased dramatically and I’m getting my mass back.

I’m not saying this is what you should do, I’m just saying that’s what I’m doing, despite what everyone else said, and so far nothing bad has happened. Hope I don’t regret it! :slight_smile:

BTW - I did pretty much let my shoulder rest for almost two months before I started this routine. All I got from that was weak and small; the joint never healed. So screw it. I love the weights too much to “take up running” or some shit like that.

Also, if you juice, some HGH and deca would fix you right up. Unfortunately, that’s not at option for me because I have no connections where I live and judging from the people at the gyms I go to, I’m not going to any time soon.

im pretty sure i have the same thing in both of my shoulders…my doctor told me to stop lifting so heavy as well…

id say just give it time and plenty of ice…

definitely do not do behind the neck work wdf lol? i hope that was a joke…

after you’ve healed up you will probably be able to do just about everything except flat bb bench press :confused:

Thanks for the input.

why do you say ice and no heat? i’ve always been taught ice for the first 24-48 hours, which is long past, and then heat.

military would frown on the hgh or deca for me too.

its hard to find doc’s and pt’s out there who will tell you what you can do. they all focus on what you cant. and with the shoulder they all assume doing the canned shoulder girdle exercises will fix everything.

[quote]Lorisco wrote:
Rear delt work. Avoid front military presses. Try behind the head barbell or dumbbell presses if they don’t hurt. Use ice, never use heat. [/quote]

Yeah, btn presses with a messed up shoulder. I hope you’re kidding.

To the op: Broomstick stretch, do it, from now on till the end of your days. And find a doc who lifts himself (worth the trouble of locating one, believe me. Then you won’t have to depend on moronic internet-advice anymore).

What are you doing now, routine wise?

I’m limited on the doc’s i can see bieng in the military. i get the one they give me.

Here’s my work out. i designed it with CT’s “how to design a damn good program” using.

60 second rest with 5x5’s 45 second rest with 4x7.

Day 1 Push
A1 Back Squat 5x5
A2 Bench Press 5x5
B1 Lunge 4x7
B2 DB Incline 4x7
C1 Military Press 4x7
C2 Close Grip Bench 4x7

Day 2 Pull
A1 Deadlift 5x5
A2 Pullups 5x5
B1 Good Morning 4x7
B2 Cable Row 4x7
C1 BB Curls 4x7
C2 Voyer Shrugs 4x7

Day 4 Push
A1 Front Squat 4x7
A2 Incline Bench 4x7
B1 Leg Press 4x7
B2 DB Bench Press 4x7
C1 DB Press 4x7
C2 Skull Crusher 4x7

Day 5 Pull
A1 Romanian DL 4x7
A2 Bent BB Row 4x7
B1 Leg Curl 4x7
B2 Neck Row 4x7
C1 Reverse Curl 4x7
C2 Rear Delt Raises 4x7

i replaced dips with close grip bench because dips hurt pretty bad, weighted and unweighted. The voyer shrug was the 25 Aug “Mondays with Thib”

i have a good lowerbody warm up that was from a cressey/robertson article back last november or december. my upperbody work warm up has been a set of scap pushups and broomstick strech shown in “Magnificent Mobility”. I also occasionaly do Stick Ups (aka scapular wall slides).