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Weightlifters in Richmond BC?


Hi, I was wandering if anybody knows any kind of weightlifting/strongman club in Richmond BC. I've been having alot of interest in these strongman training but most gyms here in Richmond are purely just cardio and machines. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for something like a private warehouse or garage style gym, if not then my dream is to open one.

Oh and while we are on the subject, anybody know anyone in Richmond selling their old or used gym equipments?




its in port kells, but looks killer


I’m not sure about where the gyms are because I’m on Vancouver Island. But you could always try looking up the BCEAA - BC Extreme Athletic Association. As far as I can tell, those guys are all out of the lower mainland and into strongman. Otherwise, the only place I have heard of is BLM Barbell and that’s in Aldergrove.

So yeah, check with BCEAA and maybe they can hook you up.


The Olympic Oval training center isn’t my #1 choice in gyms but they have plenty to get some good workouts in.

They have an area with 3 racks, platforms, and bumper plates. The racks also have some crazy hydraulic system you can use to add loading like a chain or band but I never played with that.

I just trained there when I was there for work.