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Weightlifter's First Foray in to Cutting

[quote]debraD wrote:
Hi Koing!

Are you still only front squatting?

I wonder if you did cardio if you’d have bigger calves? At least I think that’s how my calves are so big–running, walking, jump rope. How do you think your cardio fitness is? Like how’s your resting heart rate and blood pressure and all that stuff.

I’d like to do with a lot less cardio but I think I need it to stay healthy and if I don’t do as much it is too hard because I lose the conditioning.


I’m back squatting now but it doesn’t seem to affect my OLifts at all. The main thing is my FS is low so it hammers my CJ so badly. I’ve racked 145 twice but haven’t been able to stand up with it with my FS being only 147.5x3 or 145x4 at the moment. I could probably do it if I didn’t squat or Sn first but I use to abuse 160 like nothing every week. Granted I would FS 170x3 for recovery so I was a lot stronger and bigger.

My calves are 15inches but they probably look smaller than usual due to my quads. I have done a few calf sessions though since. I read that it’s largely genetic but you can grow them so I’ll put in more work.

Cardio fitness would be poor. I just don’t have the mental strength to keep going and I’m lazy.

About a 6 weeks in to my cut I started to play Tennis again. I haven’t played Tennis consistently since I was 18?! I play 2hrs a week but it’s doubles so it isn’t that intensive compared to doubles. I play in a box league and a mixed doubles team for the club as well so some weeks I get 5 or 6hrs of tennis.

I can swim 30lengths and not feel too battered but swimming fitness is completely different to cardio though.

And wow you look great in your pic. Why aren’t you in England? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


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That was a pretty interesting read.

But this…

[quote]I’ve had some EPIC binge days though LOL.
-8.1k in a day, felt absolutely terrible, huge system shock and just down right greedy
-7k 4-5x
-food challenge, flaming burger challenge dispatched in sub 19mins, fastest they’ve measured in a while
-all you can eat ribs and a big bowl of ice cream
-3 large double McD meals a few times lol [/quote]

Fucking disgusting! lol[/quote]

I’m a greedy f0cker :stuck_out_tongue:


Was it the flaming burger challenge at a flaming grill pub? 2x12oz burgers, 2 8oz chicken breasts, cheese and bacon, beef chilli about 8 onion rings and a huge amount of chips? Think If so ive done the same one twice, its quite a meal, took me 25 mins though![/quote]

Yup that is the one :slight_smile:

I did the desert monster thing afterwards as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, they are huge as well. You beast!

I don’t know if you still around man, but god damn you are a beast!

wish he was. as far as I"m aware, he’s the highest level oly-style weightlifter we’ve had as a regular poster, maybe ever. And yea, his physique was awesome.

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Shit man, I hope to carry the torch on that front! I just went through his old logs and he definitely put in his time!

Haha you are too much man! I haven’t been on t nation in years!

I was very lucky with my coach. He is awesome and I learnt nearly everything from him.

I can’t believe I’ve been competing since 98 and next years I can compete in the masters!

What numbers do you put up?

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You are a beast my friend!


trying to get on your level, just in a different sport, lol

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YES! Man, I have so many questions lol. But I won’t bombard you with that right now.

Snatch - 70 KG for 3 reps
C&J - 80 KG for 3 reps
Back Squat - 245lbs x 5
Front Squat 205lbs x 5

Just like @flipcollar said, but I am trying to get on your level in the same sport haha

I asked you some q’s in my personal log, just so I don’t blow this thread up. Thanks man!

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Consistency is the key and You are well on your way. Keep up the solid work.

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