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Hey coach I know you where an OLY lifter before becoming a bodybuilder. What were your best lifts?

Anyways I had a question:

Currently I train 3 times per week. Is it a big NO for a weightlifter to do sprinting or running on off days?


Obviously I am not Thib but I have some experience with this. Since you are training only 3 times per week, I would say that including sprinting would not do any harm, and will probably be beneficial. I've noticed that when I improve my work capacity, I lift much better in the weight room. As for moderate-intensity running, as long as you are not running more than 20-25 or so minutes, you should be fine. This is all a different story when training 5-6+ times a week, however. I'm just going on personal experience here.


Im not CT but this is my educated guess...

If weightlifting is anything like the demands of powerlifting, your cardio should be sled pulls if you do any independent gpp training.

I've never weightlifted before but i thought most of the actual GPP/conditioning came from the extremely high frequency workouts. Anyone can clarify?


It depends on the coach's training methodology. Conditioning from Olympic lifting, if done with weights, is normally done with complexes, such as the various Javorek complexes. But you can't say that high frequency workouts can increase one's conditioning. Just look at a Bulgarian training program. They lifted literally ALL DAY, 6-7 days a week, with maximum intensity (i.e. most weight possible) at each session. I wouldn't classify these athletes with good conditioning, however.

From an experienced friend of mine because it's interesting, not really relevant all: "A pure Bulgarian approach would have you doing only full squat snatches, clean & jerks and front squats and only singles, no multi-rep sets. You go to a maximum lift in each workout. The concept is to make each training session as much like a competition as possible. The Bugarians took it to the point of having their athletes lift in front of a crowd once or twice per week. The idea of the singles is that Olympic Lifting is a nervous energy sport and that excessive reps kill nervous energy and make the athlete sluggish."


I wouldn't say they trained "ALL DAY", at least not from what I've read. They did take most of the day to train but had breaks in between say the Snatch and C&J sessions, mainly to keep the athletes out of trouble and without much free time.

Anyways it would be kind of pointless to do conditioning while training as a weightlifter since the goal is to be as explosive as possible on each lift, if anything we take too many rest :).


That is what I meant. They lifted all day but obviously with 30-60 minutes break between each session. I remember reading that it was kind of up for debate as to what their coach's (I forget his name, starts with an A and ends with a 'zhev' probably) reasoning was for this. Someone mentioned what you said, it was so that they could regulate what their athletes did so they did not partake in any bad habits. The coach said something about testosterone... Who knows. Thib probably does.


I hope he does.

I wish I could spend all day around weightlifting, then again this is America.


Haha, two a days is the most I can handle, I'm not training for the fucking Olympics here! I'm having enough trouble just looking for a decent platform and bumpers, hah.