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Weighted Vests

Anyone here use weighted vests?
Are they any good? Im thinking of using this when im training especially when doing cardio to build some upper body strength as someone told me running with a backpack was good for building specific strength in the clinch position for thai boxing. Anyway, anyone have any experiences with them and where to get them from, especially in the uk?

Go with an X-Vest. They fit a lot better and don’t move around so much.

I’ve used them extensively for a number of years but for the most part a quality product has been extremely difficult if not impossible to find until recently. There are a number of ways to use them, well beyond what you have noted and I will be happy to discuss if you wish.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I am also interested in any advice here. I have considered getting an Xvest on more than one occasion. I figure its going to be good for all around athleticism.

Who’s got one??

Dark Assassion you can pick one up from http://www.fitness4rugby.com/