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Weighted Vests for Walking?

I’m looking at getting a weighted vest to do some conditioning work.
I’m 48 years old, and 200 lbs, I plan on using the vest for walking.
What brand should I look at, and how heavy should I go with it?

I have one. It allows you to add or subtract weight by taking out the little 2 pound weighted packs. I think 40 is where mine maxes out. Its not the most comfortable thing to wear but it does the job.

I think a popular, but expensive brand is go ruck.

You could start out with a back pack with weight added. Coop from garage gym reviews has a video on how to make a professional one for cheap.

I have a MIR vest. Its adjustable in 3lds increments.
8-50lbs. Its good and doesn’t move around even when running

Adjustable is key. For walking, 16-20kg is adequate. More is nice, especially if you want to use it for pull-ups and dips. Less is crucial for long hikes. I don’t run with mine, but a good fit is nevertheless super important.

The brand of the one I got is Ompu, and it goes up to 30kg. If you have any weights at home, put it in a backpack and go walk with that. The loading pattern is different with a vest, as it balances out on both sides of your torso, but it can help you get a sense of what it feels like to walk with 20kgs. Start with a short brisk walk, something that’d normally take you 15 minutes. Ideal if it has both inclines and declines.